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abc's of trauma one of the first things i was asked to do in therapy was what's called an abc worksheet. i would like to guide you through my journey to healing. lets start with stuck points. stuck points are thoughts that keep us from recovering. stuck points are concise statements that reflect a thought – not a feeling, behavior, or event. these said stuck points are part b of the worksheet, as "belief." ​ a "activating event" - something happens b "belief/stuck point" - i tell myself something c "consequence" - i feel something i always found it easier to start with b, think through what made me feel that way, and then come up with a and c. once you have filled out all 3, ask yourself these questions: ​ 1. are my thoughts in b realistic or helpful? 2. what can i tell myself instead of this thought in the future? ​ lets do an example together: ​ a "my ex beat me to the point he could've killed me." b "i let it happen and didn't tell anyone." c "ashamed, guilty, fear, confused, sad" until next time ~edie

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